Online Grant Writing Courses

Enhance your skills by enrolling in Online Grant Writing Courses

Enrolling in online grant writing courses will give you the opportunity to learn the specific techniques, methods and writing skills needed to write compelling grant applications.

Courses For Success grant writing certification courses are designed to help you understand the grant writing process from start to finish. Participants will learn:

  • How to present your proposal in the format preferred by most public foundations

  • How to present your cover sheet, narrative, background pages, and evaluation plans in the most compelling and readable way.

  • The fastest ways to collate and sort information that you require for your grant submission

  • How to identify the funding criteria used by organizations to select worthy proposals and how to structure your grant proposal accordingly.

  • How to polish your proposal to help it stand out from competitors, by using the most acceptable fonts, graphics and formats.

  • How to match your grant application to the funding agencies most likely to be receptive to your proposal.

Improve your earning capacity by taking grant writing classes online

An online grant writing certification course with Courses For Success will improve your income earning opportunities.  There is a constant demand from non-profit organizations for grant writers. Writing agencies and Public relations firms are often used to meet this demand as well as freelance writers.  Skilled grant proposal writers can expect to earn salaries between $61,500 and $71,100.

Adding a grant writing certification to your resume will add an income earning string to your bow if you like the idea of working as a freelance writer.  The great thing about working freelance is that you can charge what you believe your time to be worth. A base hourly rate would be around $25 per hour.  Once you’ve established a profile and reputation as a quality grant writer, you could charge up to $100 per hour.

Whatever, your specific employment goals are, enrolling in an online grant writing course will give you the credentials to confidently undertake grant writing requests in a professional manner.

Key benefits of taking online grant writing courses

Whether you are pursuing a career as a grant writer or currently working for a non-profit organization that requires regular grant writing submissions, there are significant benefits to be gained from taking an online grant writing course.

From a non-profit organization employee’s viewpoint improving your grant writing capacity will deliver several key benefits, these include:

  • The improved likelihood of obtaining grants

  • Enhanced status within the organization

  • Potential remuneration increase.

While from a freelance writer’s perspective, being able to provide professional quality grant writing services can be an advantageous pursuit. Taking grant writing classes online also gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace without the inconvenience or expense of traveling to and from classes.

There is sure to be an online grant writing class that is right for you at Courses For Success.  Choose from the wide range of online grant writing courses and enroll today!

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