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Stock Investing Online Courses

The 4 Best Online Stock Trading Courses

If you want to learn the basics of stocks, finance, and investing as a way of getting yourself established on a new career path in day trade, then a beginner’s trading education will be an absolute necessity.

Jobs in the financial sector can be lucrative and fulfilling, and promise an exciting career trajectory if you put the work in. However, getting into a trading school can be a difficult and time consuming thing, as can working your way up through the ranks of an established firm. So, why not give the industry a test drive, with a comprehensive online stock trading course?

Why do an online stock trading course?

There are so many reasons to do an online stock trading course, even for those who don’t necessarily want a career in the industry. For one thing, they can offer you invaluable insights into managing your personal finances. Plus, it will be far easier to save for retirement or college if you know your way around the numbers.

However, if it’s building wealth you’re really interested in, then you’ll likely have your eyes on a bigger goal. For example, your loftiest ambitions might be to work with big names like the Bulls on Wall Street day traders or to be a part of the Bear Bull Traders community. If that’s the case, then first of all you’ll need to understand the basics like what are shares of stock and how financial instruments come into play.

In other words, if you want to be a part of the exhilarating world of online stock trading, you’ll need to know the basics before you dive in headfirst.

What are the best online stock trading courses?

There is undeniably an awful lot to learn if you want to make it big in finance. Thankfully, there are some excellent online day trading courses that teach stock trading for beginners.

And, some of the best stock trading courses out there right now are those that are flexible and accessible, because they allow people from all walks of life to get a foot in the door. These include:

We’ll take a look at what each of these courses has to offer, to help you find the investment classroom that best suits you!

1. Stock Trading Online Certificate Course

From your first penny stock to investing in S&P 500 companies, the best place to learn stock trading from start to finish is through the Courses for Success Stock Trading Online Certificate Course. Put together with input from experienced traders, it offers the same sort of useful information you’d learn at trading academies, all in a single self-paced short course.

What you’ll learn?

Every module in this core program has been put together to illuminate the world of stock trading in a way that is totally user-friendly. The course covers a wide range of topics through the following four units, all of which include additional modules:

  • Unit One: Introduction to Stock Trading.
  • Unit Two: Understanding Online Stock Trading.
  • Unit Three: Fundamental Analysis.
  • Unit Four: Technical Analysis.

Taken all together, these four units provide a wealth of information, which learners with a drive to do more will be able to take as a springboard to bigger things. With a new understanding of the key differences between a trading account and a brokerage account, as well as more technical insights into price action trading and trend following, learners will come away with a solid foundation of knowledge that could take them far if effectively built upon.

How will you learn it?

This trading program is open to complete beginners. And, as with all Courses for Success short courses, it is delivered entirely online and can be taken at the learner’s own pace. It also takes between just eight and 10 hours of study to complete.

This makes it pretty much perfect for those already in full time employment wanting to find out more about the financial industry, or students hoping to squeeze in extra study around their current education.

What you’ll get out of it?

At the end of this online trading course, all successful participants will receive a certificate of completion. And, with materials from the course available for a lifetime, you won’t just come away with a qualification. You’ll also have easy access to invaluable knowledge, including stock market investing basics such as how to invest in the stock, as well as more technical knowledge.

For those who want to make a living buying and selling stock, and even for those hoping to go on to become an online broker, such a course offers an ideal starting point.

2. Stocks, Bonds, and Investing: Oh My! Online Certificate Course

In our Stocks Bonds and Investing Online Certificate Course you’ll delve deeper into stock market trading. In addition to learning how to trade stocks; beginners, intermediates and more will also be taught how to address personal financial issues, which will be essential to gaining success as an investor.

What you’ll learn?

To start off this comprehensive course, you’ll be taught exactly why investing is so important, and all about the theories and laws that inform online stock trading more generally. This will help you to develop investing strategies, which will be essential for your portfolio management.

In addition, you’ll also find out more about stocks bonds and mutual funds, where to make market trades, and get given techniques that will help you carry out your own stock market research. The full list of modules is as follows:

  • Module One: Overview of Class.
  • Module Two: The Theory and Importance of Investing.
  • Module Three: First Things First.
  • Module Four: Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds – Part I.
  • Module Five: Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds – Part II.
  • Module Six: The Markets and Exchanges.
  • Module Seven: Trades and the Trading Process.
  • Module Nine: Retirement Programs.
  • Module Ten: Picking Stocks.
  • Module Eleven: Types and the Importance of Research.
  • Module Twelve: Researching Resources.

How will you learn it?

From investing in stocks to stock picking and stock trading, this course will teach you it all. And, just as with the Stock Trading Online Certificate Course, you’ll get to do it all online and at your own pace. Taking just 24 hours to complete, it will only require a few hours of study a week.

What You’ll Get Out of It?

With this course taught by leading industry professionals, you’ll receive access to a broad range of essential information, which stock traders of all types need to know if they want to be successful in online trading.

Plus, you’ll be issued with a certificate of completion once you’ve passed the online assessment, which you can put on your resume to make your applications stand out.

3. The Analysis and Valuation of Stocks Online Certificate Course

After you learn to trade and garner a thorough understanding of how the stock market works, you should consider signing up to the Analysis and Valuation of Stocks Online Certificate Course.

This is ideal for those who want to level up their knowledge or have ambitions of becoming stock brokers, it teaches fundamental skills that will help you to better analyze the information available on a stock screener and in financial statements.

What you’ll learn?

Primarily, you’ll gain a great deal more technical knowledge that you can use to assure your success in stock markets. That’s because if you’re able to fully grasp how to value stocks and evaluate performance, then you’ll be far more likely to make sound investment decisions.

To put it another way, each of the six course modules –

  • Module One: Stock Evaluation.
  • Module Two: Financials.
  • Module Three: Financial Ratios.
  • Module Four: Stock Comparisons.
  • Module Five: Company Valuation.
  • Module Six: Investment Opportunities.

The course will provide you with practical knowledge that you can apply to your day-to-day life as an investor, advisor, or broker.

How will you learn it?

As with other Courses for Success online investing courses, this program is broken down into manageable chunks, ordered specifically to optimize the user’s understanding of the content. Working through it at their own pace, learners can expect this particular course to take 24 hours of study, which can be completed at a time, place, and pace that suits them.

What you’ll get out of it?

You’ll come out of this course a more competent investor, and you’ll have the certificate to prove it.

4. Stock Trading Online Bundle

If you’re a beginner wanting to gain intermediates and advanced knowledge fast, then this comprehensive Stock Trading Online Bundle has it all. Combining three popular trades courses, participants will learn everything from the basics right through to the fundamentals of more risky investments like stock options.

What you’ll learn?

This is the ultimate stock market investing education for those hoping to go to a trading college or become a successful individual investor. Promising to let even those with next to no knowledge of the sector in on the insights of advanced traders, learners will come to know how to make the most of their career in online investing, using trading strategies and more.

Starting with Stocks, Bonds, and Investing bundle allows learners to build a foundational knowledge before they move onto the more complicated content. Then, after the 12 modules from that course have been completed, it will be time to move onto the Analysis and Valuation of Stocks Online Certificate Course.

Once the basics of online stock trading and valuation have been nailed, learners will be let in on the tricky world of stock options with course number three, called Introduction to Stock Options. In this course, participants will learn how to identify which option strategy is appropriate and when, as well as how to avoid risk in option trading.

How will you learn it?

It will only take you about two to four hours of study a week to finish this complete foundation stock trading course bundle, all of which you will undertake online. Do so, and you should finish them all in 18 to 24 weeks.

However, it is also possible to take the modules more slowly or quickly, as the materials from these investing courses are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any computer or smartphone.

What you’ll get out of it?

At the end of these online stock trading courses, you will receive a certificate. But, not only that, you’ll also have vital information at your disposal that will help you take your next steps towards becoming an investor.

And, once you have your newly acquired base of vital knowledge, the financial world really will become your oyster! You might find yourself looking deeper into Forex trading, futures trading, or swing trade as a result of your education. You may even feel ready to try out a trading simulator, which would give you a better idea of how live trading works before you make any initial investments.

The online stock trading courses offered by Courses for Success provide a great first step on your route to becoming a successful investor. Gain a wealth of crucial knowledge in your spare time, and receive certificates that will help you stand out when it comes to applying for a day trading academy.

Giving you the groundwork you need to kickstart your career in stocks bonds and investing, you just never know where a few hours of online study a week might take you.

Why Courses for Success?

Courses for Success offers over 10,000 online courses, all of which aim to help you in your personal development and career progression. Not only that, but you can also study them anywhere and at any time, and take them at your own pace, too.

You don’t need career diplomas or specific experience to get started. With every course we offer created to be as accessible as possible, you can be sure that all of them, from our coding courses and trading courses to design courses and developer courses, will help to boost your prospects, no matter who you are.

Beyond just the education itself, students will be issued with a certificate online after successful completion of each of the learning courses they do. Our stock trading skills courses are no exception. Our Stock Trading Online Certificate Course skills certificates are recognized by industry leaders. You could really make a name for yourself in the business world by signing up for a Courses for Success short course.

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