Our Team

Courses For Success is a well-established online education company, with a strong focus on high completion rates, innovative and easy to understand course material, cutting edge technology and customer satisfaction. Behind the scenes are an experienced team of professionals who stand by their motto of 'Save & Succeed' and guarantee you a tremendous learning outcome.

Meet The Courses For Success Management Team

Jason Smith — Managing Director & CEO

Jason is at the helm of Courses For Success; a dedicated leader committed to quality content and student satisfaction. A hands on operator and the driving force behind the company’s success, Jason promotes confidence in his team and their commitment to ongoing expansion.

Jason oversees the structure of the courses on offer, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction with easy to follow programmes that are both enjoyable and engaging.

Courses For Success owes its stunning success to the commitment and dedication of Jason and the efforts of his tireless team.

Leny Castro  — Operations Manager

Leny is a skilled and enthusiastic manager, whose role is to ensure our dedicated team are available to provide information on courses and answer any queries related to course enrolment. Leny'a years of experience in management make her well equipped to help students choose the right qualifications, through offering detailed information and assisting in the decision making process

 Diamond King — Support Manager

Diamond is responsible for Student Support and Customer Service, whose role is to quickly and competently respond to queries and concerns raised by students or website visitors. Diamond's unwavering commitment to ensuring students and vistors have all the support they require, has resulted in high student and vistor satisfaction rates..

Chase Lowe  — Marketing Director

With specialisations in engine optimisation, website creation, marketing, conversion and customer service, Chase brings his enormous expertise to managing the company website, with a focus to providing easy navigability and implementing necessary changes.

Katherine Oleta — Customer Service Manager

Katherine’s expertise lies in customer service and administrative support. Providing ongoing assistance to the administration team and coordinating accounts, as well as providing up to date reports, are just some of the important roles Katherine fulfils.

With excellent communication and customer service skills, Katherine's important role provides the attention to detail necessary for the smooth running of Courses For Success.

Rachele Facundo — Web Manager and Developer

Rachele is a highly skilled and well-respected manager, whose primary role is to manage and update the company website. Her important role within the company is to ensure that all website content is up to date and accurate. Leading her team with friendly authority, Rachele ensures necessary changes for development within the website are properly executed and accurately implemented. Without her rigorous attention to detail, Courses For Success would not be able to offer such a well-equipped business model.

John Sutton — Course Enquiry Manager

John has worked in customer service and sales for more than thirty years. His crucial role within the company and that of his team is to offer helpful advice and direction, relating to any course enquiries.

The Rest Of The Team

Courses For Success also employs a professional team of dedicated individuals who all work hard in assisting the above named staff. This powerhouse team are committed to ensuring that you – our students – are 100% satisfied with our service and courses.

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