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Certificate In The Complete Pro Digital Photography Online Course

Learn How to Take Incredible Pics Using Your DSLR Camera

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Get Ready to Snap with Your Pro Digital Photography Course!

The Complete Pro Digital Photography Online Course is a comprehensive online instructional course, perfect for new and amateur photographers who want to learn how to take outstanding photos or make a career out of photography. You will learn everything from the basic controls of using your camera up to advanced techniques to capture professional looking photos.

Developed by professional photographers and accredited Photoshop teachers this course is delivered online and consists of 13 online video based instructional units that are easy to follow and understand, making learning fun and enjoyable!

The average time required to complete The Complete Pro Digital Photography Online Course is 4 weeks part time (however you can take as long as you need as there is no expiry date on course access, you have unlimited lifetime access to the course, unless you have purchased through one of our 12 month libraries)

Course Fast Facts:

  1. Discover how to take breathtaking photos
  2. New 13-unit Complete Pro Digital Photography Online Course
  3. Study along with simple instructions, videos & demonstrations
  4. Written and developed by leading Photographers
  5. Receive one-on-one online help & support
  6. Unlimited, lifetime access to The Complete Pro Digital Photography Online Course
  7. Certificate awarded with passing score for the assessment
  8. Study at your own pace with no rigid class timetables, 24/7 from any computer or smart device

Career Builder Course Library

The Complete Pro Digital Photography online short course is just one of the courses we feature in the Career Builder Course Library which includes standalone Career-skills courses that cover a wide range of topics, many of which compliment your course. For example administration skills course, time management course and many more.

These additional skills courses will take your understanding of these essential concepts to a much deeper level and add significant value to your study experience.

This is an incredible opportunity to invest in yourself and your future, save hundreds to thousands of dollars by not paying for each course individually.

How to study online course?

Upon enrolment an automated email will be sent to you to register your username and password (please check your junk email inbox if not received as this is an automated email), in order for you to access our online instructional video learning platform, which is Available 24/7 on any computer or smart mobile device. The course is easy to follow and understand as we teach you live step by step, while you watch us demonstrate tips and techniques. All students who complete the course receive a certificate, see qualifications page (for the assessment) and will be issued a certificate via email, plus our professional photography tutors are always available to help you. If can point and click your camera then you are ready to take our course.

We offer the most thorough online course in photography that is available, our course brings you everything you need to achieve the success you want. This is a course written by working professional photographers at the top of their field. This course is not just about theory. It is also about equipping you with the real world tools and information you will need to become a pro photographer.

You will find the online video tutorials easy to follow, only basic computer skills are required and you will find the course captivating, fun and interactive.

Recognition & Accreditation

This course is internationally recognised and accredited by the International Association of Online Training Standards (IAOTS). The courses offered by Courses For Success are unique as they are taught in a step by step process enabling students to complete them quickly and easily, so that you can obtain your qualification sooner. All students who complete the course receive a certificate of completion. Courses For Success is committed to high completion rates and therefore 100% student satisfaction.

Other Advance Photography Courses

This is one of a raft of advanced photography courses available to you through Courses for Success. Whether you are a beginner or looking to perfect your craft, we have the course that is right for you.

Module 1: Learn SLR Digital Camera

Unit 1: Introduction to Photography

  • Understand the professional settings
  • Setting your dioptre
  • Adjusting your burst mode
  • Adjusting your white balance settings
  • Metering settings
  • Exposure compensation mode
  • What is histogram and how to use it
  • How you camera is focusing
  • Adjusting the focal points
  • Setting your file capture
  • Raw & jpeg explained in detail
  • Using bracketing to enhance your photo’s
  • Types of cameras
  • Multi exposures
  • Setting colour and tone
  • Sharpness settings
  • ISO explained
  • Camera bags and cases
  • Tripod options and squeeze grips
  • Different types of Flashes
  • How to choose a good camera
  • Types of lenses

Unit 2: Understanding Exposure

  • Manual settings
  • ISO settings
  • Pixels
  • F-Stops
  • Camera Speed
  • White balance
  • Putting the settings into practise
  • Understanding aperture
  • Settings for different camera makes

Unit 3: Landscape Photography

  • Equipment
  • Proper planning
  • How to capture the best shots
  • Ideas for your shots
  • Picking the best scenery
  • Technical settings
  • What makes a good landscape photo

Unit 4: Night Photography

  • Equipment
  • Settings
  • different types of shoots
  • Tips and tricks

Unit 5: Travel Photography

  • Planning
  • Equipment
  • Types of shoots
  • Tips and techniques

Unit 6: Studio Photography

  • Setting up your studio
  • Equipment
  • Studio shoots

Unit 7: Fine Art Photography

  • How to see great shots
  • Setting up
  • Techniques and settings

Unit 8: Portrait Photography

  • Planning your shoots
  • Techniques
  • Pro settings
  • Tips and tricks
  • Types of portraits
  • Black & white

Module 2: Professional Photography

Unit 1: Different types of photography explained

We cover 20 different types of photography and examples of the types of photo's that they capture, the type of equipment that they use and how they go about getting their images.

  • Wildlife photography
  • Fine art photography
  • Business photography
  • Commercial product photography
  • Stock photography
  • Photojournalism photography
  • Event photography
  • Food photography
  • Sports photography
  • Underwater photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Interior design photography
  • Paparazzi photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Aeriel photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Real-estate photography
  • Travel photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Glamour / model / dance photography

Unit 2: How to set up your photography business

The important steps of setting up your new business:

  • Setting up at home
  • Developing an outdoor studio
  • Interview with a new photographer
  • Developing portfolios
  • Setting up freelance
  • Knowing your camera
  • Developing your style
  • How do you charge for your work
  • How much can you charge?
  • Understanding lenses
  • Picture framing

Unit 3: Advanced Photographic techniques

Advanced techniques that every good photographer should know. We show you how to use these techniques to help grow your business. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Understanding your histogram
  • Tips for using your flash
  • Tips for getting good shots
  • Colour management
  • Mirror up settings for landscape
  • How to choose a good digital camera
  • The importance of getting good highlights
  • Correctly using your ISO
  • Using exposure compensation
  • File rescue software
  • Keeping up technically
  • Sample of movie shot by an HD SLR camera

Unit 4: How to promote your business

Everything you need to know about promoting your product and the different types of methods that you can use. We go over the marketing techniques that you need to know to make your business successful. Some of the topics discussed are:

  • Jpeg and raw files
  • Turning you into a marketable product
  • Building your own website
  • Photographers shared websites
  • Stock photography
  • Stock Libraries
  • Having a professional photography website made
  • Buying a pre-made template website

Unit 5: Making your business legal

All the steps that you need to follow to make your business legal

  • Making your business legal
  • Registering your business name
  • Developing your logo
  • Sole Trader or company?
  • Photographers insurance
  • Develop your business to re-sell
  • Business policies
  • Developing goodwill
  • What rights does your customer have over your photos?
  • Storing your photos
  • What can you photograph legally
  • Holding accounts
  • Developing a code of practice
  • Investing in your portfolio

Resources Including All Business Templates

  • Study instructions
  • Photography 12 point business plan template
  • Marketing/sales letter templates
  • Colour management chart
  • Invoice template
  • Plus more

Unlimited Tutor Support

  • Email student support with any questions you have about the course
  • Tutor Support gives you the benefit of two-way conversation on any of the topics covered

Entry requirements

Students must have basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Open entry

Previous schooling and academic achievements are not required for entry into this course.

Computer requirements

Students will need access to a computer and the internet.

Minimum specifications for the computer are:


  • Microsoft Windows XP, or later
  • Modern and up to date Browser (Internet Explorer 8 or later, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)


  • OSX/iOS 6 or later
  • Modern and up to date Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

All systems

  • Internet bandwidth of 1Mb or faster
  • Flash player or a browser with HTML5 video capabilities(Currently Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

Students will also need access the following applications:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader and
  • Microsoft word


17/04/2016 11:23:20 AM

This photography course was great for me as it allowed me to know more about the camera's features and functions in order for me to take great photographs. The course was easy to understand with lots of good tips. I really enjoyed doing it.

11/04/2016 12:36:34 AM

Very useful course for teaching technique along with practical tips to implement these techniques into developing a portfolio and starting a business. Some additional attachments to support the learnings of each module would be very helpful.

15/03/2016 10:40:59 PM

Excellent online course.I would recommend this to people who are looking to study photography!Thank you so much.

15/02/2016 02:14:29 PM

this is a good course filled with a a lot of helpful information.

12/02/2016 10:04:19 AM

I have had some basic skills with photography, it has always cought my eye and i have learnt some things from my photographer,, this was a way to extend my knowledge to gain more interest and know more to become more knowing

11/02/2016 04:25:26 AM

Good course!

31/01/2016 11:29:59 AM

This course was an add on and I am glad I did it while ill as video learning is interesting when I have trouble reading taking in words on harsh white screens, but I am so glad I did this particular course because it has ignited my interest in film production again, I made a documentary with a radio announcer on panic attacks years ago and a short film and a student film at channel 9 and I think I could use photography in interior housing and real estate, macro and commercial products, tourism and modelling and studio, a few areas in photography growing are pet/owner portrait skills, food portrait and flowers portraits, Ice Sculpture portraits, and pop up picnic enthusiast's or in general journalism. technology and futurism and surrealism is big in photography now much like cubism and abstract is to art, and you need to know the software to take you there. I love sepia and black and white and a touch of film noir and studying art & film at university
http://designgrapher.com/types-of-photography/ I am now following a wide scope ideas and think this course could be added on to with more modules on software and other photographic styles. I am enjoying youtube learning as well from Jason Lanier with model drama landscape and rockcave art photography, karl tayor, adoroma, and Philip McCordall to name only a few.

21/01/2016 11:21:38 AM

Thank you David for hosting this course.

Being new to DSLR photography,I found it extremely easy to follow. The course covered everything I need to confidently go out and take photographs, be it for business or just pleasure.

The modules on setting up a business covered the legal as well as the finer points. and I will certainly be recommending this course to my photographer friends.
Thank you
Barb Wright

20/01/2016 10:41:32 PM

Some of it was a bit out dated but the same theory still applies,overall I am happy with the course

12/01/2016 06:39:54 PM

The instructor went through the course thouroughly. I'm very happy with this course and will recommend it to my colleagues.

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

12/01/2016 05:52:25 PM

I'm very happy with the course and after having completed some photography courses, it was still a good refresher for me. Will definitely recommend this course to anyone.

07/01/2016 08:59:41 PM

Very helpful online course

19/12/2015 10:15:56 AM

Good course, need more practise:)

18/12/2015 01:54:43 PM

This was a great start to learning about my camera and how to get better results from it. Now just need to put this all into practice.

14/12/2015 10:08:55 AM

The videos really helped a lot and I'm ready to start taking photos

05/08/2015 11:33:24 AM

Very straight forward informative course. After having come back from a long break it was a nicer refresher course I was able to complete at my own pace. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you!

29/07/2015 05:07:03 AM

The course was good and i learned alot.

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

08/07/2015 12:47:48 PM

Brilliant Online Course. Very informative and easy to follow and understand. Knowledgable instructor who took the time in discussing all information in detail - providing examples was fantastic.

This review has no rating and was created before ratings were introduced

01/07/2015 12:36:04 AM

The information from the video was very helpful and was explained very well. I would recommend this course to a person who is interested in starting a business or someone who is happy just capturing images.
Thank you.

29/06/2015 10:01:31 PM

found this course down to earth and very easy to understand great for any beginner

16/06/2015 02:32:01 PM

This was a great course. I have taking other course but learned some different proceedures in this one.

12/06/2015 01:00:22 PM

The course guides throughout the basics of photography, from how to use a slr camera to set our own business. It opens a new prospective career as a professional photographer. Thank you.

01/06/2015 02:25:56 PM

Thank you for helping me understand my camera and all its functions, how to take professional photos and the things I need to start a career.

10/05/2015 03:25:19 PM

I'm an amateur photographer and have normally just used digital cameras but recently bought a Digital SLR Nikon camera and wanted to know how to use all the features.
The course was great and explained everything perfectly for me.
David seems like a top bloke!
He should set up a Facebook fan page so everyone who does the course can follow him and be able to post some of the pictures we've taken since doing the course.

ps. I had to come back here and say I love some of these questions! lol

29/04/2015 01:12:19 PM

A great course.

28/04/2015 04:04:59 PM

This was a good course. Very informative. Videos were not boring at all.

15/04/2015 05:59:37 PM

Great course!

15/04/2015 09:20:21 AM

I really enjoyed this course. The video presentations made it easy to follow and understand.

06/04/2015 12:42:25 AM

Doing this course online is a good way to study, you can watch a video in your own time and answer the questions at the end. The videos are good and very descriptive and show you what each setting is and how to use it.

30/03/2015 10:25:56 PM

such a good course, i learn a lot of knowledge from the video.

19/03/2015 08:59:39 PM


09/03/2015 01:34:29 PM

I found this course very informative

15/02/2015 11:10:35 AM

Excellent course, Easy unstanding, I am going to get other course from this wedsite.

09/02/2015 01:01:13 PM

I enjoyed this course even though it was a little repetitive at times. Thank you

07/02/2015 05:34:37 PM

Great Course. Easy to Follow.

21/01/2015 07:58:12 PM

I found the course to be very helpful and clearly set out for my understanding, I found the use of the camera settings easier to understand to get beautiful, shaper photos than before and the use of settings I would not have ever through of using. I am grateful for doing your course as it has helped me with the setting up of my business and my line of work. Thank you:)

07/01/2015 01:16:45 PM

An excellent and easy to follow course that provides helpful tips and advice even if you are a complete beginner.
You can take as long as you need and the information is always available if you need to go over it again.

17/11/2014 11:25:26 PM

Totally enjoyed the course.... The videos help with understanding everything to know about the different types of photography and to aggrieve that prefect shot.

20/08/2014 03:55:43 PM

I found the videos very informative and easy to follow. The course offered a good range of topics especially enjoyed the topics around starting and running a business.

01/07/2014 01:09:38 PM

After studying this course I have gained a great deal more confidence. The tutorials are very clear, informative with fantastic ideas and tips which will certainly contribute to improving my photography skills.

16/06/2014 05:45:47 PM

A welcome course for budding photographers

30/05/2014 08:15:48 PM

This course has really helped me learn about using an SLR camera. The lessons were easy to understand, and I love the range of topics in the course

28/05/2014 09:25:30 AM

Great course, learnt a lot for a beginner and will be putting it all into practice at my first wedding in 6 months.

17/05/2014 04:55:31 PM

This course has helped me understand photography techniques and how it all works together. Very meaningful and helpful. The different sections were each very informative and helpful. I really did learn a lot.

14/05/2014 04:23:32 PM

I found this course very informative and easy to understand, I will be recommending this course to other people.

08/05/2014 05:36:52 PM

good course, it help me so much

04/04/2014 02:21:59 PM

Overall very helpful.

26/03/2014 04:03:31 PM

Thank you for developing the course. I found the lessons to be informative, interesting and fun to watch. I gained a lot of advice that I am applying to my photography already, particularly the style I will pursue professionally. It has really given me a lot more confidence in my photography. I thought the highlights were: using the settings on the camera to their best advantage and how they can be applied to various photography types; advice about setting up a photography business; how to address problems e.g. setting up the computer / printer; retrieving lost image files & the equipment photographers require in the field and the studio. Thanks again :)

20/03/2014 11:06:55 AM

Great course for beginners that want to get off auto settings! Good info on different types of photography that you can specialise in. Possibly include a video on food photography as this is extremely popular. Also street scenes and urban life.

03/03/2014 09:54:32 PM

Overall a good course but should include more lessons with much details. Such as night life city lesson , to cpature moving stars lessons etc.

05/12/2013 12:42:49 PM

Enjoyed course - well explained

02/11/2013 02:39:22 PM

This course was great

17/10/2013 08:15:55 PM

This course was a great idea for me as working during the daytime and week-days. I could concentrate learning this course anywhere I want so it was very useful. I now feel that I would love to take further course for Cameras so I will look for it!

30/09/2013 12:21:56 PM

Was helpful tnx

08/09/2013 02:40:56 PM

Some of the examples were very detailed and allowed me to understand the technicalities of certain functions. For example, the diagram for the F-stop and the histogram.

Overall, it was a very informative course. I would like to see more ideas or ways to be creative.

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