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Beginners Java Programming Training Video

Practical Training Course That Teaches Real World Skills

Beginners Java Programming Training Video

A Practical Java Training Course That Teaches Real World Skills

In this project-based Beginners Java Programming video tutorial series, you'll quickly have relevant skills for real-world applications.

Follow along with our expert instructor in this Beginners Java Programming Training Video to get:

  • Concise, informative and broadcast-quality Beginners  Java Programming   training videos delivered to your desktop
  • The ability to learn at your own pace with our intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • A quick grasp of even the most complex Beginners  Java Programming   subjects because they're broken into simple, easy to follow tutorial videos

Practical working files further enhance the learning process and provide a degree of retention that is unmatched by any other form of Beginners  Java Programming   tutorial, online or offline... so you'll know the exact steps for your own projects.

Course Fast Facts:

  • Only 9.75 hours to complete this course
  • 112 tutorial videos
  • Expert instructors lead each course
  • Download to any Windows PC or Mac and save for viewing off line
  • Course is accessible 24/7 from any computer once downloaded
  • You can study from home or at work at your own pace in your own time

Course Description

In this Beginners Java Programming Training Video, expert author and professor Mike McMillan starts you along the path to enlightenment with Java, by introducing you to the basic concepts, tools and functions that you will need to build fully functional programs with the popular programming language, Java.

Starting with the download and installation of the JDK (Java Development Kit), this video tutorial will teach you the different typs of variables (bool, int, etc), what an operator is and how to use it (+,-,%,etc).  You will learn about object-oriented programming, and creating classes and objects.  You will control your programs with different types of control loops such as while and for, as well as making decisions with if-else statements.  Each chapter is capped of with exercises so you can put in to practical use, what you learn in each section.

By the completion of this instructional Beginners Java Programming Training Video, you will have the base knowledge that you need to create functional and useful Java programs.  This video tutorial comes complete with working files and code samples, so you can work alongside the author as he teaches you each concept.

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01. Introduction
  • 0101 What This Course Covers And What You Need
  • 0102 Biographical Information On The Author
  • 02. Getting Started
    • 0201 Downloading And Installing The JDK
    • 0202 Overview Of The JDK
  • 03. Writing Your First Java Program - Hello, World!
    • 0301 Entering The Program
    • 0302 Compiling And Running The Program
    • 0303 Correcting Errors
    • 0304 Exercise - Modifying The Hello, World! Program
  • 04. Java Building Blocks - Data Types And Variables
    • 0401 Introduction To Data Types
    • 0402 Data Types - int, double
    • 0403 Data Types Continued - string, char, And bool
    • 0404 Variable Naming Rules
    • 0405 Declaring Variables
    • 0406 Assigning Data To Variables
    • 0407 Exercise - Saying Hello To Others
  • 05. Introduction To Classes And Objects
    • 0501 Classes And Objects
    • 0502 Class Data Members
    • 0503 Creating Constructors
    • 0504 toString Method, Creating Class Objects
    • 0505 Accessor Methods
    • 0506 Exercise - A Simple Class
  • 06. Arithmetic Operators And Expressions
    • 0601 The Standard Java Arithmetic Operators
    • 0602 Arithmetic Operator Order Of Operations
    • 0603 Final Variables
    • 0604 Math Class
    • 0605 Mixing Arithmetic Data Types
    • 0606 Exercise 1 - Translating A Formula To Java Code
  • 07. Java Input And Output
    • 0701 Writing Special Characters - Newlines And Tabs
    • 0702 Formatted Output With printf
    • 0703 Using The Scanner To Input Numbers
    • 0704 Using The Scanner To Input Strings
    • 0705 Exercise - A Simple Question And Answer Program
  • 08. Making Decisions
    • 0801 Relational Operators
    • 0802 Logical Operators
    • 0803 Simple if-else Statement
    • 0804 Nested if-else Statements
    • 0805 The if-else if Statement - Part 1
    • 0806 The if-else if statement - Part 2
    • 0807 Exercise 1 - A Question And Answer Program
    • 0808 Exercise 2 - A Calculator Program
  • 09. Performing Repetition
    • 0901 The while Loop - Introduction
    • 0902 Count-controlled while Loops
    • 0903 Condition-controlled while Loops
    • 0904 Results-controlled while Loops
    • 0905 The for Loop - Part 1
    • 0906 The for loop - Part 2
    • 0907 break and continue
    • 0908 Exercise 1 - Looping q And a
    • 0909 Exercise 2 - Looping Calculator
    • 0910 Exercise 3 - for Loop Exercise
  • 10. Methods
    • 1001 Defining A Method - Part 1
    • 1002 Defining A Method - Part 2
    • 1003 Methods With Multiple Parameters
    • 1004 Predicate Methods
    • 1005 Void Methods
    • 1006 Pass By Value
    • 1007 Exercise 1 - Three Example Methods
    • 1008 Exercise 2 - Adding Methods To The Calculator Program
  • 11. ArrayLists
    • 1101 ArrayList Introduction
    • 1102 Declaring And Initializing An ArrayList
    • 1103 Adding Data To An ArrayList
    • 1104 Accessing ArrayList Elements
    • 1105 Passing ArrayLists As Method Arguments
    • 1106 Generating Random Numbers
    • 1107 Searching An ArrayList
    • 1108 Sorting An ArrayList
    • 1109 Exercise 1 - Using An ArrayList To Find Palindromes
    • 1110 Exercise 2 - Finding The Maximum Value
  • 12. Classes And Object-Oriented Programming
    • 1201 Private Data Members
    • 1202 More On Constructors
    • 1203 Displaying Class Data, toString
    • 1204 Set And Get Methods
    • 1205 Increment Method For Time Class
    • 1206 Exercise 1 - Building An Object-Oriented Calculator
    • 1207 Exercise 2 - Extending Time Class
  • 13. Inheritance
    • 1301 Introduction To Inheritance
    • 1302 Overriding Methods
    • 1303 Protected Members
    • 1304 The Object Class
    • 1305 Exercise 1
    • 1306 Exercise 2
  • 14. Polymorphism
    • 1401 Introduction To Polymorphism - Part 1
    • 1402 Introduction To Polymorphism - Part 2
    • 1403 Polymorphism Example
    • 1404 Working With Abstract Classes
    • 1405 Working With Interfaces
    • 1406 Exercise 1
  • 15. Arrays
    • 1501 Declaring An Array
    • 1502 Accessing Array Elements
    • 1503 Passing Arrays As Function Arguments
    • 1504 Two-Dimensional Arrays - Part 1
    • 1505 Two-Dimensional Arrays - Part 2
    • 1506 Exercise 1 - Using Array Elements As Counters
    • 1507 Exercise 2 - Displaying Bar Charts Using Array
    • 1508 Exercise 3 - Creating A Deck Of Playing Cards
  • 16. Additional Java Control Flow Constructs
    • 1601 The switch Statement - Part 1
    • 1602 The switch Statement - Part 2
    • 1603 The do-while Loop - Part 1
    • 1604 The do-while Loop - Part 2
    • 1605 The for-each Loop - Part 1
    • 1606 The for-each Loop - Part 2
    • 1607 Exercise 1 - Rewriting An if-else if Statement Using a switch Statement
    • 1608 Exercise 2 - Rewriting A while Loop with a do-while Loop
    • 1609 Exercise 3 - Using A for-each Loop With ArrayLists
  • 17. File Processing
    • 1701 try-catch Statement
    • 1702 Writing Data To A File
    • 1703 Reading Data From A File
    • 1704 Appending Data To A File
    • 1705 Writing Characters To A File
    • 1706 Reading Characters From A File
    • 1707 Exercise 1 - Creating A To-Do List
    • 1708 Exercise 2 - To-Do List Continued
    • 1709 Exercise 3 - To-Do List Continued

System Requirements - Digital Download

Digital Download:

  • Microsoft Windows XP or higher, Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1024x768

Digital Download specific requirements:

  • Between 1GB and 6GB of available hard drive space (depending on the training course)
  • An Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth. You must have at least a 56K modem connection (Broadband recommended). Most modern ADSL and Cable internet solutions will be sufficient.

Do I need the software to watch the training course?                   

All the courses are stand alone and can be viewed without the software itself, However, you many not be able to complete any working files/projects set by the trainer if you do not have the software.

Digital Download FAQs

Q: What is a digital download?

A digital download is training that you download from the internet using your web browser instead of us shipping you a physical CD.

Q: How instant is the "Instant Purchase"?

If you complete your purchase, you are emailed your access key within minutes of the transaction completing.

Q: How do I access my digital download purchase?

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with an Access Key, and instructions on how to download your purchase. You will enter that Access Key at the URL provided, and simply click on a link in your web browser to start your download.

Q: What if I cannot download my purchase?

You have up to 3 tries to download each file within your purchased title. If you cannot complete your download within those three attempts, we will be happy to send you a physical CD of your purchase for only the cost of shipping it to your location.

Q: What format does my digital download come in?

Your digital download will be zipped to compress it as small as possible. Most modern operating systems will allow you just to double click on that file to extract all the necessary files to start using your training. If you have difficulties unzipping that file, you can download a free zip extraction program for Windows at: 7-zip.org, or a free version of Stuffit Expander from Smithmicro.com

Q: How do I view my digital download training?

Once you have unzipped your download, simply navigate to the folder that you unzipped, and click on the ISkills Player to launch the player, and start viewing your training! Each file downloaded is self-contained, so you can start viewing the first disk before you download any others. More information on viewing your training is contained in the README.txt file included in the file you downloaded.

Q: Can I burn my digital download to a CD?

You can burn 1 copy of your training for backup purposes.

Q: What is the licensing terms for my digital download?

There is a License Agreement.pdf document included in your download that outlines the licensing terms of your purchase, but basically you have a single concurrent user license for your purchase. You can only view 1 copy of your purchase at any given time, may not broadcast it over the internet or public/private network, and cannot make copies for the purpose of sharing or selling. Details are included in the License Agreement.pdf file in your download.

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Pay Upfront AU$189
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Course Summary

Course ID No.: 01645
Delivery Mode: Online
Course Access: 112 tutorial videos
Time required: 9.75 Hours